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|| Riku Ryou ||


Reasons behind my Tattoos

Yin Yang + Cancer (Zodiac) symbol

Well, for one, I am almost literally a textbook Cancer. Give or take the few differences that life will cause. Zodiac has always been a big thing to me, growing up, not exactly horoscopes really but the Zodiac itself.

Now Yin Yang, is also very important to me. I always believed that you need a balance, light to dark, black to white; opposites. You can’t have one without the other, without darkness there is no light. That sort of stuff.

Now, I didn’t want to get a typical yin yang tattoo’d on me, nor the actual cancer symbol for annoyance over the “hurr hurr 69” jokes it would ensue. So I combined those symbols together and there you go.


Wings (Of Freedom)

Obviously a lot of you guys know this from Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin

Now, I have many friends that can vouch for me when I say that I have literally always wanted wing tattoo’s since 5th grade, and I always wanted a light and a dark wing (plays into my yin yang thing I have going on) - You can even ask a couple of them if you don’t believe me.

I didn’t want typical wings so for the longest time I’ve tried to figure out how to make them interesting so people wouldn’t go “Oh another person who got wings, how unoriginal” and I’ve fiddled with designs and looked at designs I liked that already had said wings (Riku’s keyblade, Bakura’s Change of Heart, etc- which those characters also mean a lot to me so it adds to the need for these wings since they were also relevant to them and many other characters I really love)

Well the second I saw the wings of freedom I absolutely loved the design, they’re wings, not typical, and even have one light and one dark, it’s everything I’ve wanted with wing designs.

What makes it better is I always had a motto sort of thing I have told myself since 2007 that helped me get through a dark time in my life - which is to have no regrets, never regret anything because your choices make you who you are. And Levi has a sort of similar quote about regrets, as well as is another character who means a lot to me.

So I finally decided, amongst a lot of thinking and talking with some friends that knew how long I’ve wanted wings, and came to the conclusion that I should absolutely get this.

So with these I’ll say, go ahead and tell me I’ve made a mistake and will regret a “fandom tattoo” in years- but I’ll tell you now. I have no regrets.


XVII (17)

Alright I’m gonna be straight up here and just say that I got this because 17 is my favourite number. It’s not my lucky number, but it is my favourite.

And also I love roman numerals ever since I was little (It started with Final Fantasy and later Kingdom Hearts woopS so I guess essentially this can be my lil homage to those too without getting like, Demyx’s number on me or something idk friends, let’s count it)

However once I told mom I wanted this, she went and looked up some facts about #17

  • It’s the seventh # on the list of prime numbers - and because of that, it intensifies the meaning of #7 (Which actually was my favourite number growing up before it turned to 17)
  • It’s also the sum of 2 perfect numbers (7+10);; 7 is the spiritual perfection #, and 10 is the ordinal perfection #
  • Plus when looking at the #17 from a biblical sense it means Complete Victory in Christ, and Vanquishing the Enemy

So just saying man, that’s p tight, so there you go.


No Regrets :: Learn From the Past

So I got a tattoo in Kanji that means “No Regrets” // “Without Regret” which sort of speaks for itself but let me tell you a thing~

In my past I have had moments where I was in a dark spot, as most people get in, I never did drugs or any sort of things like that but I did do something else that will not be mentioned. The past is the past.

In that dark spot, ironically I was also into the Sonic the Hedgehog games, and my favourite of course was Shadow. I ended up playing his game even though most people seem to hate it but hey I can’t pass up a title game of a fav character *cough*DirgeOfCerberus*cough* - and I actually liked the game, idk I like having options on how the storyline will go, plotholes or not. But one of the main lessons from that game was “Never Turn Back” and “Don’t regret what you have done” or what has happened; it is what made you who you are. And I had a mini revelation then and there, and I started telling myself to not regret anything. No regrets was becoming a mantra when I started doubting something I had done.

Now, you see those red spines on the heart symbol that I will also explain shortly?

That’s my homage to Shadow the Hedgehog, instead of getting his actual symbol tattoo’d I just took from it

Now onto the symbol itself
I had always wanted a Heartless symbol from Kingdom Hearts tattood on me but I didn’t want it to be typical so I had been on search for a design I could use or a design I could be inspired from to redesign into my own way, and it always fell short.

Kingdom Hearts, although having only actually played the first 3 games myself personally, was a big part of my life. That’s where my nickname Riku came from (which btw I was known as throughout all of Highschool, very few people knew my real name) - it was a game Sora and I had bonded over when we first became friends and she told me “Call me Sora” I was like “FROM KINGDOM HEARTS?!” and so going into High School I wanted a new name, and who is Sora’s best friend? Riku. Who is also my favourite character hella.

My second convention I was even Riku in the ORG XIII cloak. And I have both the Way to Dawn keyblade and the Keyblade of Peoples Hearts keyblade.. and King Mickeys but you know. Anyways. KH. Big deal growing up. Ironically Riku sort of learns the same lesson as well.

So my brother has two tattoos, the same thing on each arm, and it is an African Adinkra symbol and he and I were just searching through them one day and I spotted the Sankofa; and before I even read the meaning I was drawn to it solely because it looked like the Kingdom Hearts logo mixed with the Heartless symbol

and then I read what it meant which, I’ll show you all the different phrases

  • "Return and get it"
  • "We must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward; so we understand why and how we came to be who we are today."
  • "One must return to the past in order to move forward."
  • "One’s past is an important aspect of one’s future."
  • "Learn form the Past"

So you see, it just all fit in and I could satisfy my need for a heartless and a shadow tattoo all at once along with it having meaning~!