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×No one ever knows how it will turn out;
So choose for yourself whichever decision you’ll regret least×



crying to mom on the way home actually helps

but then she starts crying too

and we all start crying and we cant stop cause the other is crying so we cry i just

Anonymous sent: As an anon who cares about you and has been in a shelovesmebutshehurtsmesomuch kind of relationship... Just be careful. In the end, you might be asking yourself, how many more times am I going to let this happen? While you're crying alone in your room thinking about how much you love her... And just... After three years I realized this is not worth it, so... Just be careful, before she becomes your whole life. Because god knows what will happen and you are too wonderful to be hurt like that.

afoxcalledcallie sent: sometimes you need to make the same mistake twice, but sometimes it's not always a mistake. But once you find yourself unhappy more than you are happy in this relationship, that means it is time to end it. <3 Best of luck to you, I hope things work out. <3

thank you

missalice-doll sent: I'm unsure what happened (is happening?) with your love life, but I am sure that I really enjoy your blog and you as a person. So I wish for the best for you and that things turn better. If you need someone to talk to, I'm willing to listen. I've had relationships that were toxic, but are hard to leave so I might be able to give some help, or just listen. Ahh I'm so sorry this is awkward! I' just going to send this now before I wuss out. (* ; n ; *)

Thank you so much that really means a lot <3

Do you have a kik or skype or something?

And no I’m glad you sent it thank you so much <3

Anonymous sent: i've been thinking about getting a tumblr recently and i think i found your blog through your vriska pictures? and you seemed like a pretty cool person so i just kind of stuck around, haha. but yeah, i'll see about making one. i have to go to work actually so it might be a while. --P

Omg that’s really cute thank you so much <3

And okey dokes! I’m ready whenever you are UuU

notail99 sent: Love the blog

Thank you UuU

Anonymous sent: ahh sorry i actually don't have a phone, so i can't do kik. and the reason i'm on anon is because i don't actually have a tumblr lol. but i'm sure i can make one really quick and talk to you off anon if you want? --P

oh my goodness how are you on my page if you dont have a tumblr


but yeah we can try that if you want? ill need to figure out how to get my phone to respond to things privately (i’ll bring my kindle to class just in case though cause that one does for sure)

Anonymous sent: idk what caused it in the first place, and it's probably none of my business, but i'm here for you, and i'm sure all your friends are here for you too. anything you wanna talk about to help get your mind off things? --P

Anonymous sent: what else is going on? i understand if you don't wanna talk about it, that's totally fine. sometimes it helps to just let things out, though. <3 --P

Anonymous sent: i remember you saying once that your relationship with goatzie was "built on lies" or something like that. i dated someone exactly like that once. lied all the time. insulted me. but always made up for it with excuses and i came running back, that other anon was right, breaking it off is one of the hardest things to do ever. but give it time and you'll feel so much better, like a weight's been lifted off your shoulders. i'll call myself P in case i send any more messages. stay strong <3 --P